Dry Eye Restore™

Dry Eye Restore™

Providing relief is our mission.

Dry Eye Restore™ is an impactful dry eye management program based on up-to-date research and technology in dry eye disease.

The key to relief begins with understanding your disease. Our program evaluates not just the amount of tears but the chemical composition and stability of your tears. Take control of your comfort with a tailored program designed to RESTORE and maintain clear and comfortable eyes.


Take control of your dry eyes by treating the root cause of ocular inflammation.

We are thrilled to be one of the first in the nation to offer Optilight Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). The first and only IPL FDA approved for the management of dry eye disease due to MGD. This non-invasive, drug-free, laser-free light based therapy safely and comfortably decreases demodex, alleviate abnormal blood vessels growth, reduces inflammation and rejuvenates meibomian glands. IPL is the gold standard of treatment and is ideal for dry eye, MGD, ocular rosacea and blepharitis patients. Our IPL also contains 24 aesthetics functions to treat a wide variety of skin types with acne, vascular and rosacea filters. 


Restore the flow of your natural tear film oil.

TearCare® is a 15 minute in-office treatment that comfortably applies heat therapy to the eyelids to warm, liquefy and express blocked glands for patient who suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

What our patients are saying about TearCare

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“The TearCare process was so easy, painless, and the results were better than I’d expected. My eyes weren’t as watery or irritated anymore, and my eyelids were less puffy which was, cosmetically, an added bonus for me!”
-Kaylie B.

“I was ready to try anything to relieve the pain of my dry eyes. Dr Garcia recommended trying the TearCare therapy. Honestly, the best money ever spent. I am able to enjoy the simple things in life again like walking my dog, enjoying a camp fire, working in the yard, etc. Before I was constantly aware of my eye discomfort and using artificial tears every hour. No more burning, dryness, blurred vision or feeling of grit in my eyes. I don’t even think about my eyes during the day now. I’m so thankful to Dr Garcia and her team. I highly recommend Tearcare to anyone who is suffering from dry eyes.”
-Jennifer W.

“Prior to TearCare my eyelids were puffy, tired and heavy, additionally sometimes I experienced blurred vision and a gritty feeling. After an initial consultation with Dr Garcia, she recommended the TearCare treatment. I was a bit apprehensive due the cost and the fact it was not covered by my insurance and a lack of familiarity with the procedure.  However, after consultation and careful consideration I decided to give consent for the TearCare treatment.

I am elated that I agreed to undertake the treatment as my eyes have not felt this good in years. The puffiness is gone, as well as, the other symptoms.
Accolades to you Dr Garcia for recognizing my problem and recommending the magic bullet treatment.”
-Mary W.

Eyelid Microexfoliation

Stop the itching and burning.
Healthy eyelids are critical for normal tear production. Poor lid hygiene can cause excess bacteria, biofilm and bacterial toxins to accumulate on the eyelid. Inflammatory lid diseases like Anterior Blepharitis and Demodex mite infestations can cause of itchy, red, swollen eyelids. Eyelid Microexfoliation is an in-office procedure that can alleviate symptoms by gently exfoliating your eyelids and lashes.

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